2012 and the end of the world

People keep asking me what I think is going to happen in 2012. I don’t really have any answers other than it is already happening. We are in a time of tremendous change. All we can do is to act from the heart, treat others as you want to be treated yourself and husband the natural resources that you utilise.

I don’t believe the world is coming to an end. I do think that the world as we knew it is coming to an end

Having said that, we must not be panicked into following ways of behaviour prescribed by the vested interests of those whose rules we all conform to. We are ‘all in this together’. but your best interests may be what others have in mind when they say this. By our very nature, we all want to take care of ourselves and our own before everything else and those ‘in power’ are no different than the rest of us.

Today I have watched an interesting documentary that puts 2012 into perspective and goes someway to explain how we got hereand suggests where we might go. http://crisisofcivilization.com/watch/

What was missing from the film was the spiritual dimension; the rapid growth in the self expression of spirituality that is evident amongst the people I interact with on a daily basis.

I am by instinct a poet and so it is one of my poems that best explains my thoughts.


I am a pebble,

When I throw myself into the pond

I cause ripples,

Ripples that spread

To the solid banks of certainty,

and nibble at their edges.

The more pebbles like me

That do just this,

The faster certainty crumbles,

Creating soft fertile earth

Where seeds of a new understanding

Can flourish and grow.

So if you care my friend

Follow my lead,



About starspeakman

Poet, Writer, healer, nature photographer
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2 Responses to 2012 and the end of the world

  1. Helen says:

    Lovely poem 🙂

  2. Cat says:

    Hello, You might be interested to read the book on which the film you mentioned was based ‘A user’s guide to The Crisis Of Civilization: And How to Save It’ by Nafeez Ahmed (the guy who narrated the film) . don’t be put off by the title! In it he goes some way into talking about the spiritual dimension that is clearly a part of the change we all have to go through, and also goes into much more detail about the areas in the film and others.
    thank you for your poem.

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