Am I a witch?

On Monday evening, I had the pleasure of listening to my inspirational friend Mark Olly giving a talk about the history of witchcraft – from ancient goddess worship to Wicca and just about everything in between.

Afterwards I was asked by one of the gentleman present ‘Are you was a witch then?’ (I had asked a few questions of Mark). My answer was and is no – I do not think of myself as being a witch, but I can see how some people might think that I am…

In that I…

work as a healer

grown and use healing herbs

use crystals and candles in my healing work

am there for people to turn to in times of trouble

am able to read the cards/get information from beyond my ordinary senses as part of a healing process

see and photograph nature spirits

take time to observe the seasons, celestial happenings and the life forces of the natural world

undertake daily spiritual practise and keep both a daily journal and a gratitude book – all down to Mark W. and Ian Foster and their ‘Feelgood Factor’ training – now long gone but Mark still up to lots of good things

am interested in spiritual/environmental matters per se

read mostly spiritual books – just into ‘The Bond’ by Lynne McTaggert – it’s as useful a tool as ‘The Field’ was. What an amazingly gifted woman she is.

Does this all make me a witch?  There was once a theology lecturer who said  I was – but I believe  that was because I challenged in class his assumptions about women.

So am I a witch? I usually think of my self as being on the path of the fool.

in peace and light







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