Restoring The New Age

I am a great lover of history, but as the last weekend unfolded with all its pageantry and pomp, I had a strange feeling of unease and dissociation. In the usual way of synchronicity, I found myself re-reading ‘The Magic of Findhorn’ by Paul Hawken, an old book that played a great part several years ago in my coming to terms with experiencing the presence of nature spirits.

I re-read the predictive teachings of David Spangler, about how the New Age was not about re-igniting lost energy lines and powers, whose energies are controlled by a hierarchy of priests and royalty, but about developing new ones, where each of us was his own priest and king, working with the subtle powers to build a world in harmony with itself – as happened originally at Findhorn.

Unfortunately, since David wrote those words, both Findhorn and his own organisation Lorien seem to have lost their way – with both their teaching and experiential growth programmes available only to those who can afford them and in the very hierarchical form that they originally taught against. David wrote in the 1960’s that hierarchical structures would need to fail as the New Age came to its full potential. I hope he remembers.

I came to the viewpoint that over the past weekend, all the energy of ‘the Nation’ has been deliberately guided towards reaffirming the ‘old age’ even down to the lighting of the beacons to illuminate the old energy grid. It came as no surprise to me that this all took place during the culmination of the planetary activity that only happens once in a lifetime. I have the greatest respect for her Majesty, but my sense is that what is now being engineered by our government and royalty is not a preparation for the new way of being that is necessary of we are to survive as a species, but desperate moves to cling on to and re-affirm their role at the head of a hierarchy where all their needs are met at the expense of others and the planet.

Following on from last weekend – we are being now directed to support our National football team and then our Olympic team. It all smacks to me of further desperation. I do not believe that the ‘old order’ will prevail, there are too many people own working literally at grass roots level to reconnect with the Earth and restore a working relationship with it.

I have had a great passion for exploring old earth energies and formerly sacred places, but I realise now, I have fallen into the same trap as many others, in wanting to restore the old powers, instead of looking on them as an example of how we might build new ones. There has to be new beacons, new ley lines, new power points such as Findhorn, where we work with other beings from other realms to restore Mother Earth to beauty and harmony. This idea has somehow become lost in our enthusiasm to ‘reconnect’ with nature on an individual level. The new community gardens and forests being planted are most probably the beginnings of these new energetic places and perhaps it is to them we should be making pilgrimage and not Stonehenge, Avebury and the like.

So this is a call for us all to get outside this summer and not watch the sport that is being rammed down our throats by the media. Let’s begin the process in this very important year to work with our fingers in the earth as best we can and establish the ‘New Order’ that will carry us beyond the turmoil of 2012.

in peace and light


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