Legacy and the Tenth Insight

‘5 o’clock in the morning’. The opening line to a song from a song of my youth whose title and singer, as usual eludes me, but no matter, I am writing because synchronicity has struck again and brought forth words, which have not been flowing for quite some time.

The Background

I have been incarcerated at my mum’s house throughout the whole of the summer by a broken ankle, kept from total frustration by ‘The Games’. Yesterday, I returned back to mum’s for the first time since leaving and in doing so, have come into the realisation of why the Universe had stopped me dead in my tracks for so many weeks. Travelling on the tram, I was given a seat next to what at first glance appeared to be a gentleman who was ‘challenged’ in someway and I inwardly groaned My mistake. I now know he was an ‘earth angel’, sent to  help me on my way.

For twenty minutes we exchanged thoughts and ideas on the ‘new age’ spirituality and books, parting as friends. Somehow I ended up mentioning him to my mum who produced a book, which she said ‘must be yours because it is not the kind of thing I would read’. it was ‘The Tenth Insight’ by James Redfield. Thank you Earth Angel, I went to bed reading it last night.

In the early hours of this morning  (4am – that very special hour for creative people) I woke to continue reading the chapter entitled ‘A History of Awakening’. It is that chapter that gave me the ‘aha’ moment that led me to go and find my laptop and write this blog and it is written ‘live’ so to speak.


The London Olympic Games were designed with the idea of them having a ‘Legacy’, providing the facilities and hopefully the inspiration for the next generation of athletes. Then along came the Paralympics and that particular phrase ‘super humans’ whose endeavours have moved even experienced sports journalists to tears, never mind the rest of us.

Earlier this morning, in reading Redfield, I realised that what we actually were experiencing during all the games, facilitated most unexpectedly by the mass media, was the beginning of the next phase of  our spiritual evolution and that the main Games were just the warm up event.

During the Paralympics, across the world, for brief moments at a time, millions of people were united in their emotions, delight, joy, disappointment and most importantly, unconditional love that saw no disabilities and had no national or religious boundaries. It did not matter who won or who lost, we all loved them all and London showed the way with packed stadiums of wildly ecstatic audiences applauding and cheering the last man in the race as hard as the first. Even the media commentators were stunned by what they were witnessing.

It is that united expression of unconditional love that I believe is the ‘Legacy’ of the games.  For those of who whom have not read the chapter in The Tenth Insight entitled ‘A History of Awakening’, written around 1996, it gives a sweeping potted history of man’s evolution into awareness of the reasons why we are here on the Earth. It talks of the polarisation of our feelings and how what Redfield called ‘the Fear’ would sweep the world, leading to globalisation by huge corporations in an attempt to manage bloody battles between differing religious and political factions and the panic actions of governments as they realise that they do not have the answers to all the problems besetting our world.

These are the ‘end times’ of the major belief systems that leads so many to believe that only ‘one decision is important’ i.e. to be on the right side at the time of  Armageddon. Redfield describes these as the ‘birth times, which will lead us to a more spiritual existence and that a ‘World Vision’ could come about, that would mean that the worst excesses of Armageddon would be avoided.

I think that those moments of emotional uplift and mass bonding brought about by the Paralympic Games, are the beginning of the critical mass; an uprising of spiritual activity directed by the forces of light that more modern sages tell us could come about in order to defeat the forces of darkness. The Legacy of the Games is not about individual sporting achievement, but the recognition of what can be achieved when we all come together. Athlete after athlete talked to the media about how they ‘felt the crowd’ and all of us who watched lived every moment of every event of the Paralympics as if we were taking part too. Hundreds of previously unknown and ordinary people each took their turn to step into the light to show us the way, not only athletes but all the volunteers and of course the members of the crowds inspired by the sharing.  The supposed elite of our world were outshone and even booed by the masses on an unprecedented scale.

Danny Boyle was inspired with the Olympic opening ceremony to show the world how we as a national had evolved, but he was also telling the story of the rest of the world from the people’s perspective. The Paralympics showed the world where we will go next as we continue to participate in ‘The Legacy’

So as my laptop battery fades to tell me that I have written all that needs to be said. I wish you all a very good morning.

In peace and light



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