Angels in my life

Angels came into my life to save it – twice – a story for another time.  They became part of my life.  In 2012,  I moved to Hope Street and have been waiting for whatever was to come next, as this is a magical place where abundance flows and revelations occur … today I woke with a message:

‘In order to reach the truth, you must first empty yourself of all beliefs, of all religious dogma, of all previously held theories and suppositions and become what you are – an eternal consciousness currently residing in a physical body. To do this you have to go within, to examine your innermost thoughts and feelings. See them for what they truly are and let them go, holding fast to the understanding that you are part of the eternal whole, no more, no less and that all the rest is not of significant consequence in the greater order of things.’

On my bookshelf are two of Lorna Byrne’s books – ‘Messages of Hope from your Angels’ – which arrived in Hope Street as I did in November of 2012.  Today. after getting the message above,  I sat and read her first book, ‘Angels in my Hair’, in which she describes the Angel Elijah and the Tree Angel – both of which I recognised as beings that I have met myself. Angel Elijah appeared to me in the middle of the night in 2003 and the Tree Angel, I have been calling my ‘Nature Spirit since 1999. The descriptions Lorna gives, leaves me in no doubt about this.

The appearance of both of them brought about big shifts in my life, so I am very excited today because I think the next shift is about to happen. I have a dear friend who is painting me an angel and in talking to him just now, he has another of Lorna’s books which was given to him some time ago,  but which he has not read – but he will do now for inspiration. it will be interesting to see what transpires. where is this all taking me? I have no idea, I am just enjoying the journey.




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