A New World Order

I wrote this on the 29th May, but as some of you know, I have been away gallivanting for a little while…

People are calling for a new world order, yet it already exists. I do not know all of the people speaking out about it and for that I owe no-one an apology, but the ones I do know are speaking mostly from the ‘new world’ – the Americas and Australasia.

There is a new class of leader – people encouraging the rest of us to follow their lead – to grow spiritually, to care for the planet and each other; to seek to return to harmony with the natural world and the divine.

Some are now close to passing over and some have already gone and so here is my personal top ten of the ones who are still alive, still writing, talking & broadcasting in order to help others find what they themselves have found:

In no particular order…

Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, EckhartTolle, Neale Donald Walsch (NDW), Bill Mollison, Pablo Cuello, Anastasia, Marianne Williamson, Joanna Macy, Mark Nero.

and not forgetting the recent firebrand who is stirring things up – Russell Brandt.

They are all people who can start you on your way to becoming part of this movement of change that is reaching out to engage people of all ages, backgrounds and means across the world. There are others, depending on what interests you. My own reading has taken me into a gentler, more friendly interaction with the universe and I am feeling now that I am hanging onto the cliff of what is considered ‘normality’ by my fingertips in order to be able to continue to relate to the people important in my life.

There seem to be different stages to this:

1. something ‘unusual’ happens to you and you pitch headlong into frantic reading, therapies, workshops and classes looking for an explanation for whatever it is

2. the ‘something’ deepens and you feel the need to withdraw, reflect, contemplate, read and mix with other people of the same mind-set – in the certainty that there is a bigger picture than is being sold to you by those people you found in stage one

3. you start to give back, to share what you have learned with others without leaving stage two behind

It’s a cyclical development – leastways I have found it to be so. You continue to discover ‘new’ people & ideas, to have more new experiences; but it is a spiral development, each loop taking you further away from normality, rasing your vibration (to use new age speak) to a new level and bringing you closer to an understanding that is too big to put into words. It has to be experienced to be fully understood.  People call it lots of names, god, universal energy, christ consciousness. After meeting a new friend recently, I now call it ‘Gladys’  but it is my understanding that there is only one of her, although many different ways to find and interact with her.

When you do find Gladys – and we all get there in the end – it gives you a framework that your whole life is contained within and which permeates your whole being. My Son said to me the other day that something I wrote on his Facebook was a ‘bit deep’, but as I am living with Gladys guiding me now and so ‘a bit deep’ is how I am, even to my nearest and dearest.

Is this who I am? NDW gave us all that question as a decision-making tool – and yes,  it is.







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