Recording a thank you to the source of all things

On 14th October 2005, Mark and Ian Foster came into my life and turned it round from despair with their 21 day protocol for feeling good about yourself and your life. Thank you both, I feel blessed to have known you and Mark, to still have you around to keep me on track.  Two of the essential things that the boys taught me were to remember to be grateful for the good things in your life and to work with the law of attraction.

In those early days of our friendship, part of their feel good protocol was to have a ‘rave on’ each morning about the positives – setting the tone for the rest of the day. Being a keen photographer, I decided to make mine visual and so I bought myself a lovely journal which morphed into a gratitude book. Near the beginning is a ‘feel good’ flip – something to take you out of your present situation into a place that make you feel really good – mine is one of my photographs of the harbour in Nanaimo BC – my very favourite place for sitting and watching the world go by (and somewhere I do not yet get back to as often as I would like)

I look at that photograph and keep a record every day – not just of the good things that happen and the abundance that flows through my life, but also of the new spiritual lessons that freely come my way from books, workshops, meeting new people and the internet – now a valuable tool for spiritual connections. I cannot begin to tell you how many of these things cost me nothing in monetary terms, thanks to the generosity of spirit that exists amongst my friends. I pay it forward nowadays, sharing with those who do not yet have the abundance that I enjoy.

My gratitude book records the good things in my life for the past nine years. It is now almost full and I will have to start another one. The law of attraction has it lined up somewhere ready to arrive on my desk, I know that, but before it does, I wanted to say thank you to that book. As I look back through it, at all the things I have received and also the people who have come and gone through my life, as well as the lifelong connections that are still with me, I understand how blessed I have become, just by recording a thank you to the source of all things.

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