Changing the world – one patient at a time – how healers are at the forefront of the new world that is emerging.

Dynamics of the Healer/Patient relationship

One of the roles that life has given me is that of a healer/tutor for the Lancashire and District Healing Association (LHDA). This puts me in the position of observing trainee healers giving healing to patients – which gives me the opportunity to observe and reflect on the dynamics of the healing session as it is taking place, rather than being actively involved.

After the healing session has taken place, patients increasingly want to know what the healer ‘felt’, seeming to want more from the session than they felt themselves. They are seeking answers, firstly as a confirmation of what they may or may not experienced and secondly for information of an illness or condition that they think they have, but that has not necessarily been diagnosed by the mainstream medical profession. This is when healer has to be very careful not to overstep the boundaries between healing and their psychic gifts. It is the time to encourage the patient to share their own experience of the session; to voice their concerns and to seek medical advice. However tempting it may be, it is not a time to tell what the healer has experienced during the healing session in other than very general terms and only when responding to what the patient has said – for example ‘yes I felt a cold sensation when my hands were there, have you talked to your GP about any issues you think you might have there?’

But there is more going on here. There is a major shift taking place right now and I believe that healers are experiencing it first hand. Patients not yet fully awake to  subtle energies can’t ‘feel’ them physically as a healer might, but often are aware in their heads of things – sensing people behind them or who is on the phone before it rings for example. If you talk this idea through with them, they usually say something like ‘it is funny that you should say that because…’

They have come for healing – often with chronic conditions – as an ‘alternative lifestyle’ choice, or often as a last resort when medical treatment is not making things better for them. Healers need to be aware that the patient’s condition may well be a precursor to a shift into spiritual awareness, especially if it has stopped them dead in their tracks, often by something that is not necessarily life threatening, but which is powerful enough to take them out their ‘old’ life; something which they usually express a strong desire to return to. However if they do manage the return, it may not be long before the situation presents itself again and they become ill a second time, often much worse than before.

Whilst these patients are not necessarily ready to accept a shift from their current lifestyle, it what will happen, in order to allow their spiritual self to express itself fully. Drs may diagnose stress related illnesses for such patients who show an inability to cope with their everyday life as it was , showing itself as rashes, swelling and pain, both localised and non specific, even loss of blood – all of which have no apparent cause, but which demand a swift change in pace of life in order for specific conditions not to develop further.

Healers as creative souls – co creating a different world

Many healers came into their gifts down this route of chronic illness and I am coming round to the conclusion that there is a suppression of the creative self
involved in chronic disease, especially with the recent development of chronic fatigue from where I have personally watched healers, poets, potters, writers, card makers, glass makers, artists and permaculture designers emerge – not necessarily to their financial advantage – and all of these people now choosing to live a life that is more friendly to the earth than their previous one was.

Healers have a role to play in nurturing these emerging creative souls. It is not something that you may read about in the older healing text books, as it is a 21st century development. Having clients who are needing on-going support to change their lives is no longer just the province of the business life coach, it has overlapped into the healing field, demanding new skills of healers , a development that I will explore in another blog. Up to now, some people have been trying their hand at this – ‘spiritual life coaches’ – stumbling along, each with their own theories of how it should be done, trying to make a living from their gifts, competing for clients in a businesslike way, but the world is sifting again as more and more people are awakening. The few are becoming the many and the many are looking for a different way of doing things than we have now.

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