Remembrance (1)


The Wall at Tynecot Cemetary. Picture ©  Star Speakman

It started as a request for help to organise a poetry competition earlier in the year, which came to nothing due to an unsuccessful bid for Heritage Lottery Funding by the Ramsbottom War Memorial Project.

On Remembrance Sunday, an idea mooted previously by the Ramsbottom Writers Circle for an anthology of their work to be produced and sold, to help raise funds for the project, was transformed by several members posting poems they had written in remembrance of family members that had served in the two World Wars.  The concept of a book of war poetry gathered by means of a poetry competition was very quickly born.

ramsbottom writers circle logo

Then synchronicity struck (don’t you just love it!)…  I got the permission of the Ramsbottom War Memorial Project to use their original idea of a poetry competition on the theme of ‘Remembrance’,  just as the Relationship Manager for the Arts Council appeared on the horizon offering help with the Rammylitfest.

‘Its a bit late for the festival’ I said, ‘but I have another project brewing that I would like to talk to you about.’

Since then an artist has asked to be involved and  a musician has come forward who has written a hymn of remembrance. Suddenly the project is taking on a life of its own, as a multi-media creative collaboration.

Next step… the meeting with the Arts Council.

To be continued…Keep Calm

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