Post festival musings


So that’s it. Finished. Rammylitfest 2015 done and dusted. It was fun, it was exhilarating, it was bloody hard work.

Was it a success? Yes. Very much so, according to those who took part and some of those who came along.

Would I do it again? No.

I met some wonderful people, experienced some amazing performances, made some new friends and was left with a couple of potential collaborative spin off projects that look very interesting, but no, I would not put my time and energy into running another festival.

Financially it was a disaster. My life and my work got put on hold, my relationships strained to breaking point. Now I have to pick up the pieces and carry.

A festival needs youth, energy, creative vision in new media; I have none of those things. I am poet and a writer, a nature photographer. I crave solitude, quiet, time outdoors. Organising the festival stole all these things from me from months on end and left me exhausted.

All I want to do now is curl up somewhere warm and be still. I want someone to take care of me for a while. To support my creative output.  To do the housework that has not been done and to make that sure I eat properly while I get my work written, typed up, organised and out there into the world.

I have a book, The Simple Path, about to be published in paperback next month. I have had to trust my publisher that it will be fine, because although I read and approved everything he sent back to me. I have no idea whether the text was ok or not. I do know the cover picture is fine.






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Poet, Writer, healer, nature photographer
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