Tales from the kitchen table 3

Well, it’s not strictly true this time, as my own cosy nest does not have a kitchen big enough for a table, so the taptap is on my knee.

It was the drive back across Anglesey that began this draft and at the time I was not quite sure where it was going…


This view got me thinking about the bigger picture of life and how physically insignificant we humans really are in the universe, other than our detrimental impact on the planet.

I came back to lead a spiritual healing course at Vitality in Ramsbottom and in doing so, reconnected in a more intimate way with people of like mind once again. The connections triggered the same chain of thought. Why, if we are so insignificant, do we have this wonderful ability to think, reason and create at levels way beyond any that other living things appear to have. Why then are we as a species seeming to get things so terribly wrong? Big questions that by the end of the day, I was too tired to find answers to in my own mind.

I went to bed early to read ‘The Twelfth Insight’ by James Redfield, a mystical tale about the approach of Armageddon; what it means to the major religions and how their sacred books all point to something that could be a non violent leap in evolution instead of our extinction, if non-acceptance of differences were put to one side. It’s only a story, but it strengthened my resolve to be part of the spiritual awakening needed for James’ stories to become a positive reality.

Syncronicity then struck (just as the book describes) and not just once (time to pay attention – I know when that happens, it is important!)

I woke to watch a recent TED talk, by Yanis Varoufakis, who was pointing to our future potential world society as either being like ‘The Matrix’ or ‘Star Trek’ if we do not act soon.  (Thank you to my friend Ann for posting) He made a lot of sense. I do not have the time left to develop the skills necessary to operate effectively in his world, so… on the basis of the Twelfth Insight being very close to real life, I joined the Celestine Vision Community and encouraged my spiritual friends to do the same, in the hope that our energetic contribution will help turn the tide of self destruction.

I love Facebook ! The very next post that appeared on my timeline (thank you to my friend Robert) was the latest by Clarissa Pinkola Estes in which she talks about standing up and showing your soul. (It’s in the book too) where she says ‘ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach’.

I have a poem along those lines. Apologies if you have read it before:


I am a pebble,

When I throw myself into the pond I cause ripples,

Ripples that spread

To the solid banks of certainty

And nibble at their edges.

The more pebbles like me

That do just this,

The faster certainty crumbles,

Creating soft fertile earth

Where seeds of a new understanding

Can flourish and grow.

So if you care my friend,

Follow my lead


The third syncronicity??

Kurt Jewson, who stood up and bared his soul (and his body complete with catheter, stoma and scars) on Facebook in order to try and help other men not end up where he is – which is living  with prostrate cancer. Blessings on you Kurt. May you make a full recovery & to go to lead a long and prosperous life.






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