Reptilians, shadow people and jinns.

Repcon 2016

I recently attended this UFO Alien Conference – supposedly dedicated to the exposure and understanding of the reptilian alien military agenda. A weird place for me to be you might think? To be honest, I only went for the crack, as this was Bury’s contribution to the Greater Manchester Science in the City week and I thought it was hilarious that it was being held in the Lancashire Fusiliers Museum when the annual ‘war weekend‘ was on and the place was full of people trying to relive WW2,  as romanticized by Hollywood of course!

However, I stand corrected, as I found myself totally entranced by some amazingly spiritual people, the very last thing I had expected at such a gathering. On my own spiritual journey I have had some wonderful, some strange and some often disturbing personal experiences. As the speakers told their own stories – the parallels with my own were totally unexpected. The language and some of the conclusions drawn might have been different, but I have no doubt they were talking about the same sorts of experiences.

Ellis Taylor says of himself that ‘I’m not well-known, and to be honest, I like it that way; but stayingWood Nymph Cathedral Grove 1999 1 in this comfort zone is not in the remit for my journey during this incarnation. I don’t have high-level secret government confidences to share, that I’m aware of; what I do have is evidence of interdimensional contact and accounts of their circumstances…which included numerous witnesses.’

So do I Ellis, so do I! What’s more I’ve got the pictures to prove it!

Then there was Frank Willis. I’ve met him before. In St Anne’s, when we were the only people waiting at the railway station one quiet Sunday evening. He frightened me immensely at the time telling me about his life and explaining how he protected himself. I thought I was being set up to be assaulted and/or robbed by this dark ex-soldier. Now several years on from that day, I found this remarkable man to be someone to be admired for how he has turned his life around.

With the benefit of hindsight, I was guided into my spiritual journey by a lady of the highest order of both the Pythian Sisters and the Eastern Eye. Not that I knew any of that at the time of course. Since first meeting her and even beyond her death, I have always felt I was being looked after by her and so when Simon Parkes talked about what he called ‘shadow people‘ and showed a picture – my  first thought was – ‘Oh I’ve got one of those in a photo too’.

3 Watcher on the BankI called it ‘The Watcher on the Bank’ because that was what I felt at the time, that I was being watched. I was glad it was on the other side of the river as I was quite on my own!  I was on my way to meet that same lady at her church that day – it was only when I got there that I discovered she was leader of a spiritualist church and also a highly gifted medium, who is still with me on occasion, some ten years after her death.

Simon talked about other beings too, using some words unfamiliar to me ‘ Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis, Reptilian, Jinns – my body hair was tingling at several points in his talk, as he described things that I have felt, seen or photographed over a number of years. I regard them as nature spirits or elementals and my own experiences have mostly been very positive, so it was disturbing to hear them being spoken of in a negative way, although later in his talk Simon was keen to point out that they too have a choice to work for the highest good, as do we.

It was James Bartley who brought back to me more unpleasant memories, with his research into how negative beings interact to women, especially women of a spiritual nature. Again I had had a different way of interpreting what happened to me, but it was interesting to hear his take on things. Some of the drawings he showed were very close to my own description of the beings I had encountered some years ago.

All in all, a most interesting day. I am way out on a limb with all this, but as usual… synchronicity struck several times and I now look forward myself to giving a conference talk about some of my own work next year, albeit in a more grounded environment – mysterious earth!




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