I’ve only ever been on one public demonstration in my life so far. I was in my fifties when I went to London and marched in objection to Tony Blair taking us into Iraq. I knew then in my heart he was lying about the reasons for declaring war. Time has already proved it to be so.
13528714_10153554771527274_2655799754528374154_nTomorrow, now a nana in my sixties, I will be boots on ground for a second time. I know we are being lied to again, but this time the fight is on my home turf. I believe the future wellbeing of all our children and grandchildren is at stake, so I am going to Blackpool tomorrow in support of Tina Rothery who has become the figurehead for the UK’s anti-fracking movement and who is now being pilloried by the legal system as a result.


The go-ahead to frack in Ryedale in Yorkshire sadly has been given already and this beautiful area is now under threat in so many ways, not just from the environmental pollution aspect.images

Fracking was initially rejected by Lancashire County Council in 2015. Despite this,  Cuadrilla will be starting work on Monday 27th June 2016 at 7am. With Council permission, the company plans cover the use of an existing well to carry out seismic and pressure monitoring.

You have to ask yourself why they would want to do this? Is it because the Communities and Local Government Department has intervened ? In the light of the initial Lancashire decision, the secretary of state, Greg Clark, said he would make the final decision on whether fracking can go ahead or not, overriding the wishes of the local electorate. Financially, environmentally and morally in my eyes, he has the low ground.

Tina may go to jail, but another woman will take her place to face up to bully boy tactics We are not going to go away Mr Clark. #iamTinaRothery


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