Past peak social media?

I think I have reached exhaustion point with social media. What with the Jeremy situation, my anti-fracking involvement and Rammylitfest, plus my mostly on-line employment, my brain hurts every time I look at a screen! This last week of fine weather is to blame!

14040000_10153910130842428_7132007774630722557_n It started with me in the park reading eco-poetry, dressed in my ‘nana against fracking‘ outfit, thoroughly enjoying the gentle ambiance of the ‘love earth’ day and the lovely people who took part.

I am a good weather gardener and so much of the following few days of fine weather, warm enough for me to find some energy, has been spent outside in our communal gardens, planning how I will develop them into a sanctuary that is wildlife friendly and as a result, as the rain drives me back indoors, I find I have lost interest in all except ‘the real world’.

It is strange how life overlaps though. An anti-fracking meeting this week found me in the Quaker house at Blackburn, a very special place where I both did and received a lot of healing some years ago. It was delightful to be in there again and I am afraid I was lost in reverie with spirit throughout most of the meeting, so did not take note of most of the proceedings.

As I watch the dark overgrown shrubbery and tree behind my flat finally getting reduced to more manageable levels, letting natural light back into my home, my mind is back where it belongs,with the earth and with spirit…WP_20160819_10_04_35_Proand it’s not just me …

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