Sexual Healing on the NHS

WARNING: Adult Content and explicit discussion

From my previous post, you will have gathered that I am undergoing treatment for cancer. The next stage is internal radiotherapy starting next week and then, four weeks after the treatment ends… well the fun bit starts. At least I think it will be fun, because I am already giggling about it with my close friends.

So… IMG_3491

A new pair of NHS glasses perhaps?

No… IMG_3492

(Think 1950’s style rigid pink plastic)

Last week I was first introduced to the term ‘rehabilitative vaginal dilation’.  Necessary to be done four weeks after the radiotherapy treatment, every day at first, then at least twice a week – forever(!!!) in order to keep the vagina from shrivelling.


The NHS has kindly supplied the tools for me to do this. Like Russian doll, they all fit neatly inside each other for storage in their purple plastic box. Apparently you start with the smallest one and work up to the biggest one.

Cue gales of laughter at the point where I unpacked them, especially when the girls saw them. The boys? Well there were different reactions from them, from a blush and an uncomfortable shift in the chair, to a surreptitious feel followed by a sly smile to himself, confident I presume that his willy is bigger than the biggest one.


The various parts screw together for ease of use (and no I could not keep a straight face as I typed that!) The NHS also supply a pdf of detailed instructions on how to use them.

(They also recommend particular creams to keep the whole process moist – more about that in another blog perhaps at a later date).

A recent and hilarious conversation with a gyni practitioner led her to suggest to me that some women find they prefer a vibrator to the dilator once they have been able to use the biggest pink ‘stiff’ (well what else would you call it?) and she showed me the one that they would like to prescribe on the NHS as a follow on …




Lovely, but… this is most popular vibrator in the UK…


the Rampant Rabbit and if I do have to use something for the rest of my life, then I think that something like this is closest in size and shape to what would suit me, although I am not at all sure about the protrusion or the colour of this model!

But, and here’s where the laughter stops, I find all this very mechanical and it makes me very sad to think that I might have reached the end of intimate passion so soon.

There are women over 60 however who have other views…

One of my friends enquired if I had written the article, but no, although is easier in many ways not to put yourself into a relationship again, for myself, I would still prefer a compatible man  to share my remaining years with.

Living with cancer, especially now at my age, where there is generally a higher percentage of women left alive compared to men (and it’s a percentage which increases as you get older),  I presume it is going to be even more difficult to achieve… but I live in hope (literally as well as figuratively).




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